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Rug Cleaning

Rug cleaning isn’t as simple as carpet cleaning. There are many different types of carpet and if cleaned improperly, your rug can be damaged or destroyed. We use our pet and kid friendly cleaner to ensure your safety and to avoid the use of harsh chemicals. Our process is fast and eco-friendly. Let Heaven’s Best bring back those vibrant colors in your rug!

Heaven's Best is the top choice for rug cleaning because of our:

Extensive experience with Persian and Oriental rugs.

Flexibility - we can clean them in your home or take & return them.

Solution that is tough on the dirt but not on your rug.

Dry in an hour process.

Our Process

We take pride in cleaning carpets and floors, but we’re great rug cleaners, too. We can clean your Persian and Oriental rugs, as well as the other types of rugs you may have. When it comes to your rugs, we take the greatest care. We can either, clean your area rugs while we’re in your home or take them home with us, clean them, and return them back to you clean and renewed.

In cleaning your rugs, we make sure to first determine the type of rug you have. This involves examining how the rug was woven together, the glues used to hold the rug together (some rugs do not use a glue to keep the weave together), the fabric type, and the type of dye used for coloring the fabric. This allows us to make sure we use the proper cleaning solutions that will be tough on the dirt but not on your rug. Then we’ll clean your rugs using a method similar to our carpet cleaning process.

Rug Cleaning Guarantee

Heaven’s Best Rug Cleaning will protect your rug and keep it preserved for the future. We clean your rug’s fibers carefully by removing dirt, dust, and any other foreign material without damaging your rug. Our trained cleaning technicians are able to identify the proper cleaning method for your rug ensuring its safety and that it will be properly cleaned.


Types of Rugs

Rugs come in all shapes, sizes, materials, and types. Some rugs can be made of natural materials like wool or cotton, synthetic materials like acrylic fibers, or even a combination of both. The dyes used to bring color to your rug can be sensitive to different chemicals or cleaning techniques. This is why it is essential that a professional rug cleaner come and determine the best cleaning method for your rug.

Here at Heaven’s Best we also offer Persian and Oriental rug cleaning. It is important that these rugs be cleaning in a very special. They are very expensive in many cases and cleaning them with the wrong method could result in damage to your rug. It is also important to note the difference between these two types of rugs. Oriental rugs are made in any country within Asia and Persian rugs are made only in Iran. A Persian rug is also an Oriental rug but not all Oriental rugs are Persian rugs.

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